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Xocai Protein Bars for Poncha Springs Body Builders

Poncha Springs Body Builders Many former protein powder users in Salida and Monarch have switched to bars simply for convenience.

Unwrapping a bar is easier than mixing powders and washing shaker cups. However, some are waiting for the perfect meal-on-the-go that comes in a wrapper. If you are still blending protein shakes because you haven’t found a bar that meets your criteria for muscle building, weight loss and quick energy, your wait is over. Xocai Protein Bars have everything you need in a sports bar plus antioxidants and fiber!

Once you taste a Xocai Protein Bar you may wonder how it can taste like a decadent Swiss chocolate bar without all the refined sugar. Organic agave syrup is the key. The agave syrup we use has a glycemic index of only 27. A glycemic index number is a measure of how a carbohydrate affects blood glucose levels. Carbs with a low glycemic index such as agave help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Salida weight lifters, Coaldale runners, Poncha Springs high-school athletes call or text 949 412-1001 now to order Xocai Protein Bars: The Dark Chocolate Protein Bar. My name is Derrick Winkel. I hold healthy chocolate meetings regularly so interested people can taste Xocai healthy chocolate products and learn about Salida direct marketing success.

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Are You Dieting in Salida? Is Your Diet a Problem?

MLM Scam? Not Xocai. Does it seem like your Poncha Springs exercise program has lost its effectiveness? Are you trying to lose weight by working out regularly at our local Monarch gym, but have hit a plateau?

Perhaps the problem is your Coaldale diet. To successfully lose weight, Poncha Springs exercisers need to carefully manage their eating as well as their workout routine.

When I discuss healthy eating with many Sargents dieters, I usually hear something like this: “But I can’t give up chocolate!” or “If I work out hard enough, can’t I enjoy my chocolate?”

That’s when I make their day by telling them about Xocai healthy dark chocolate. Xocai is the only weight-loss chocolate sold in Salida.

Pure, cold-processed cacao (the main ingredient in Xocai) is a natural appetite suppressant. Cacoa has been used by many cultures for centuries to control hunger. Xocai uses the healthy cacao without adding the unhealthy ingredients that would sabotage cacao’s appetite-suppressant and heart-healthy properties.

But doesn’t Xocai healthy dark chocolate contain fats? Yes, Xocai contains a moderate amount of monounsaturated fat. This is the same type of fat in olive oil; the ‘good fat’. Many scientists and cardiologists believe that this type of fat increases the HDL (good) cholesterol.

You can see for more detailed information about Xocai healthy chocolate .

I am Derrick Winkel, your source for guilt-free, diet-friendly Xocai antioxidant chocolate. To try a sample, call me at 949 412-1001.

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Rethinking Poncha Springs Schools

Rethinking Poncha Springs Schools Welcome to today’s Healthy Poncha Springs Children blog. This site is dedicated to promoting children’s health in the Poncha Springs area.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you have heard about the obesity epidemic among U.S. children.

There are many worthwhile programs in the Poncha Springs community that promote healthy eating habits and increased exercise for our youngest residents. I came across an interesting article last week that focused on how the design of schools can affect children’s health in general and obesity rates in particular.

‘Many schools were planned without thought given to how students can safely walk or ride their bikes to school. Playgrounds have been cut from budgets. An overemphasis on competitive sports has created a disproportionate amount of funding going to a select group of high profile sports, while minimizing the opportunities for the majority of students who desperately need exercise.’ Joel K. Sims, AIA, “Designing Schools To Fight Childhood Obesity,” School Designer, May 2007,, accessed on May 16, 2011

Here are some suggestions for making schools fitness-friendly:

  • Incorporate features of professional health clubs
  • Partner with community fitness centers to create multi-use facilities
  • Combine electronic entertainment and exercise
  • Incorporate movement into lesson plans

As we plan for new and renovated Poncha Springs schools, let’s take our children’s fitness into consideration. As Poncha Springs parents and educators, we can also promote lesson plans that incorporate movement. I also believe we need to look at how our tax dollars are spent. Do competitive sports programs in Colorado receive more than their fair share of available funds? Could we better use this money to provide exercise opportunities for all Poncha Springs children?

I encourage you to raise awareness of these issues in your Colorado city. The only thing that will spur change is if parents, educators, and government leaders work together to lower the obesity rates in our Colorado communities.

Derrick Winkel
949 412-1001

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Magnificent Magnesium and Salida

Salida MLM Secrets Without sufficient levels of the mineral magnesium, Poncha Springs people cannot perform at their best.

Your body stores magnesium in your bones, tissues and organs. Only 1 percent is found in your blood, but it is critical that the blood level remains constant. Magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical processes including blood pressure control, heart rhythm, muscle and nerve function, energy metabolism, protein synthesis, blood sugar regulation and cell growth and repair.

Clearly, magnesium is a vital mineral that must be consumed regularly. Salida Xocai healthy chocolate products, made from cold-processed magnesium-rich cacao, can help Monarch people make sure they get enough of this miracle mineral.

Some Coaldale people may require extra magnesium.
Many common medicines prescribed by Poncha Springs doctors can cause a magnesium deficiency because they either limit absorption or trigger magnesium loss. Diuretics, antibiotics, and cancer medications (anti-neoplastic) can necessitate magnesium supplementation. Sargents diabetics with hyperglycemia may be at risk for magnesium deficiency. Crohn’s disease, gluten sensitivity, and other intestinal disorders can cause deficiencies. As with many other nutritional deficiencies, Salida seniors are at a greater risk.

Xocai antioxidant chocolate is the tastiest way for Coaldale people to maintain healthy mineral levels. Xocai offers a variety of dark chocolate products. Omega squares, Xe energy drink, Activ, and Powerhouse cookies are just a few of the Xocai weight-loss chocolate products enjoyed by health conscious Salida chocolate lovers.

To order Xocai, call Derrick at 949 412-1001 or send a note to When you taste Xocai chocolate, you won’t believe you are eating the most potent antioxidant available in Poncha Springs.

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Prevent Sports Mouth Injuries For Salida Kids

Prevent Sports Mouth Injuries For Salida Kids

Active Salida children are involved in a variety of different sports these days, and while this is great news for kid’s health, parents need to be aware of the risk of mouth injuries.

All Salida children participating in contact sports can reduce the risk of mouth and tooth injuries by wearing a mouthguard. Properly fitted mouth protectors can prevent broken or lost teeth as well as lip, tongue, and jaw injuries.

Kids mouth protectors come in a variety of styles. ‘One size fits all,’ boil and bite, and custom. Not surprisingly, custom-fitted mouth protectors are the safest and can be made by your Poncha Springs dentist to make sure your child has a perfect fit.

Mouth protectors are extremely important for Poncha Springs children undergoing orthodontic treatment. Metal braces can cause serious oral injuries in instances of impact. (It can also cost Poncha Springs parents a bundle to replace broken braces.)

I’m Derrick Winkel and children’s health is very important to me. I am the owner of a successful Salida home business that sells Xocai Powerhouse Cookie. If you are interested in learning more, visit my website at or give me a call at 949 412-1001.

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Great Tasting Artisan Chocolate In Salida

Great Tasting Artisan Chocolate In Salida

Get started today and boost your energy naturally with some Xocai artisan chocolate.

People around Salida are finding that it’s not often that they can do something amazing for their health and still eat or drink wonderful healthy chocolate. A lot of companies tout artisan chocolate, but miss the mark on the health benefits that good dark chocolate can deliver.

Did you know that almost 50 percent of the cravings we have are for chocolate? The good news for all of you Salida residents, is that now you can have your chocolate and get healthy at the same time!

Folks in Salida are finding that not only can they finally do something to satisfy their cravings for chocolate, but they can also help boost their energy, while giving their body some extra nutrition and antioxidants, too!

Salida residents never have to feel guilty with Xocai chocolate, either.

Xocai chocolate is a natural chocolate. It doesn’t contain any bad fats, dairy, fillers, preservatives, waxes or refined sugars. Amazing!

I love everything Xocai does for me! I feel energetic and alert without the caffeine jitters. I can choose from a delicious piece of chocolate to satisfy my cravings, or I can drink the yummy Xe Energy drink. I have to say that I love the Natural energy boost I get from an Xe Energy drink, and you will too!

Dr. Steven Warren once said that “Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of healthy, dark chocolate. Of course, it’s crucial that any chocolate be processed properly to maintain its nutrient and antioxidant content. The good news is that Xocai healthy chocolate products provide just that.” —I couldn’t agree more; Xocai chocolate is a great way to eat a healthy snack that tastes great and is good for you!

Residents of Salida, and the greater Poncha Springs area can take pride in the fact that our packaging is
considered renewable or ‘green’.  We feel a responsibility for our environmental stewardship at Xocai, and work hard to make sure we do our best to protect our planet.

So Poncha Springs residents in the 81201 zip code area, give yourself the gift of health; get your choco fix today, in a healthy way! 

Give me a call at 949 412-1001 and I can help you get started on your own healthy journey with Xocai chocolate.

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Home Business Opportunity in Salida

Home Business Opportunity in Salida

Because running your own Salida home business is so easy with Winner’s Circle International, some people may consider it nothing more than a small opportunity. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it! The prominent Greek statesman Demosthenes said: ‘Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.’

Entrepreneurs in the Monarch, Coaldale, or Sargents areas can appreciate the ease of a turnkey direct sales business. Once you sign up, everything you need is there for you: the product, concept, marketing materials, etc.

If you live in or around Poncha Springs and have been looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash in your free time, don’t pass up the opportunity to join Winner’s Circle International. I’m Derrick Winkel and I’ve used the Winner’s Circle International network sales program to supplement my income since 2008.

Starting my own Salida online business is one opportunity I’m glad I didn’t pass up. Call me at 949 412-1001 and I will explain how you can turn this home business opportunity into a great enterprise!

Chocolate Marketer Derrick Winkel
Salida, Colorado 81201
949 412-1001
Xocai Sipping Chocolate Xocai Powerhouse Cookie

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Don’t Get A Job In Poncha Springs

Poncha Springs low start up businessRich Dad, Poor Dad” was a bestseller among Sargents entrepreneurs, parents and Poncha Springs home business owners. Author Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, “The Business of the 21st Century,” is about the advantages of network marketing businesses.

In an article in Direct Selling News (April 2010), Kiyosaki talked about his latest book and how the rules have changed for American workers.

Kiyosaki argues that Americans cannot rely on corporate jobs for a secure living because of technology and global competition. He points out that though technology helps us be more productive, it also eliminates jobs that used to require a real person.

The amount of vacant office space here in Poncha Springs and the number of people collecting unemployment is a constant reminder of the jobs lost in our area.

Overseas competition has drastically lowered wages, even for highly skilled positions. “Americans can no longer make $80 an hour because there are people in countries all over the world who are willing to work for a dollar an hour.”

Kiyosaki said his best friend’s father taught him wealth-building principles when he was a kid. “If you want to be rich, don’t get a job, don’t save money, and don’t get out of debt: learn to use money and be an entrepreneur.”

Kiyosaki’s recommendation for type of business? You guessed it: network marketing! He emphasizes the fact that MLMs are a great choice right now because they are inexpensive to start and operate and can be done part time.

In July, 2008, I decided to start a Xocai Sipping Chocolate network marketing business in Salida. I am now an entrepreneur instead of an employee. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about my families’ future.

If you want to transition from Sargents employee to entrepreneur, I can show you how to get started. Visit for an explanation of the Xocai Sipping Chocolate opportunity.

I take pleasure in my xocai healthy chocolate!

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Direct Selling Opportunity Early In Salida

Poncha Springs Healthy Chocolate One of the oft-perpetuated myths about Salida MLM marketing companies (by insiders and outsiders alike) is that it is only wise to join companies that are in the pre-launch phase. You have probably seen pitches similar to the following:

‘New Poncha Springs MLM Ground Floor Opportunity – Join Today!’

Let’s think about this logic for a moment; Does it mean that distributors who sign up in three months will a have a lower earning potential? Does it imply that the Monarch direct marketing company won’t be viable next year?

Both of these may have some truth in them. The failure rate for some direct marketing companies can be high. Keep in mind that some risky Coaldale health and wellness MLMs start with next to nothing in assets and must use the entrance fees from their first line of distributors to fund the company. If they don’t generate enough first-line distributors, they fail before they even get going. And take your money with them.

Let’s look at Xocai. The Sargents weight-loss chocolate distributors who joined the first year and worked steadily have built a profitable business. However, like other well-managed companies that deliver a revolutionary product at a reasonable price, Xocai has increased in value since it’s inception over six years ago. Xocai has proven its viability and continues to offer a sound financial opportunity for Coaldale entrepreneurs.

Xocai’s business plan is built on their category-creating product; antioxidant chocolate, not the ability to attract distributors. That is an important distinction in the Direct Marketing/MLM scam world.

I am Derrick Winkel, a very happy Xocai dark chocolate distributor in Salida who has been sharing the good news about Xocai since July, 2008. I would love to tell you more about Xocai’s Poncha Springs home-based business opportunity. I can be reached at 949 412-1001.

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